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A customary syntax and semantics for VHDL sign in move point (RTL) synthesis is outlined. The subset of IEEE 1076 (VHDL) that's appropriate for RTL synthesis is outlined, besides the semantics of that subset for the synthesis area.

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2 Operators logical_operator ::= and | or | nand | nor | xor | xnor relational_operator ::= = | /= | < | <= | > | >= shift_operator ::= sll | srl | sla | sra | rol | ror adding_operator ::= + | - | & sign ::= + | multiplying_operator ::= * | / | mod | rem miscellaneous_operator ::= ** | abs | not Supported: — — — — — — Logical_operator Relational_operator Adding_operator Sign Multiplying_operator Miscellaneous_operator Not supported: — — xnor operator Shift_operator Copyright © 2000 IEEE. All rights reserved.

2. Example: architecture ARCH begin C <= B not B "00000000" (others => end ARCH; 52 of ENT is when A(0) = '1' else when A(1) = '1' else when A(2) = '1' and RESET = '1' else ('1')); Copyright © 2000 IEEE. All rights reserved. 2 Selected signal assignments selected_signal_assignment ::= with expression select target <= options selected_waveforms ; selected_waveforms ::= { waveform when choices , } waveform when choices Supported: — — Selected_signal_assignment Selected_waveforms Ignored: — Options Selected signal assignments that satisfy either of the following conditions shall not be supported: a) b) The selected waveforms contain a reference to one or more elements of the target signal.

1). 4 Adding operators No restriction. 5 Sign operators No restriction. 3-1997 The / (division), mod, and rem operators shall be supported only when both operands are static or when the right operand is a static power of two. 7 Miscellaneous operators Supported: — — ** (exponentiation) operator abs operator The ** (exponentiation) operator shall be supported only when both operands are static or when the left operand has the static value of two. 40 Copyright © 2000 IEEE. All rights reserved. 1 Literals literal ::= numeric_literal | enumeration_literal | string_literal | bit_string_literal | null numeric_literal ::= abstract_literal | physical_literal Supported: — — Literal Numeric_literal Not supported: — Null References to objects and literals of type TIME may occur only within the time_expression following the reserved word after or the timeout_clause of a wait statement, and shall be ignored.

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