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By Donla ui Bhraonain

A set of the preferred proverbs within the Irish language, chosen by means of the editor and followed via translations or equivalents in English, Spanish (by Carmen Rodriguez Alonso) and varnish (by Anna Paluch). This assortment, illustrated by way of Fintan Taite, has a common relevance and makes the wealth of Irish lore available to a multilingual public around the world of every age and backgrounds.

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But life stories or personal narratives do seem to form a recognized genre in our culture. It is an ‘informal’ and often unwritten one, it is true. But the existence and – as it were – artistry of generic conventions is not confined to examples which have been visibly written down or formally published (a point nicely made in the title of Bakhtin’s influential Speech Genres, 1986). As with the narrators in Bruner’s research, so too more widely: people quickly understand what is meant by telling a life story.

The thread running through another story was the teller’s memory of his father who ‘for me is still alive and guiding me’; ‘I still thank him for all the things he did that made me the person that I am today’. Similar values came out in one narrator’s ‘Dorset pride’, another’s identity as a Londoner or a third’s view of himself as ‘proud to be a Somerset man’. The continuities were sometimes presented as a kind of cyclical progression from the past and on to the future. Dennis Travers (a pseudonym again) told how his son had inherited his interest in art ‘from me’, while Alison Stanley explained: ‘Artisting the self’: A tale of personal story 41 We are a family of readers.

Contexts in which the term ‘story’ is sometimes used (referring for example to the great ‘metanarratives’ of sociological theory) to the everyday level of the stories of individual tellers about their own lives and experiences. Stories as the individual voice of the self – or not? First, personal narratives. For if we want to know about people’s experience and how they interpret it, there is something to be said for looking not to academics’ generalizations but to the stories of the participants themselves.

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