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This choice of essays locations matters vital to literary examine, fairly the query of the canon, within the context of institutional practices in American schools and universities. Lauter addresses such the most important issues as what scholars may still learn and examine, how criteria of "quality" are outlined and adjusted, the bounds of theoretical discourse, and the methods race, gender, and sophistication form not just instructing, curricula, and examine priorities, yet collegiate group of workers activities to boot.

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People with little hope or confidence. b. people who are too lazy to get better jobs. d. sad families who pretend to be happy. 7. What sad event would happen if the future didn’t change? a. Bob Cratchit would lose his job. c. Tiny Tim would soon die. b. Christmas would be canceled. d. Scrooge would become young again. com 39 26 A CHRISTMAS CAROL FINAL EXAM, PART 2 NAME DATE Answer each question in your own words. Write in complete sentences. 1. Did Bob Cratchit have an important job at the counting house?

Gathered contributions of money 3. British unit of money 5. fowl such as chicken, goose, turkey 6. pay given for work 8. smart, bright 1 3 2 C O 4 C B 5 P R DOWN 6 2. saw; watched carefully S 3. bravery; ability to face danger or trouble 4. bright, sparkling 5. to forgive or excuse 7. com A CHRISTMAS CAROL • Chapter 24 10 INFERENCE NAME DATE Read the lines from Chapter 10. Then circle a letter to show what is implied (suggested but not stated) by each statement. 1. The things that would have been may yet be changed.

That he hadn’t earned enough money c. that he had been blind to the needs of others b. that Scrooge had been his partner d. that he hadn’t taken better vacations 5. How was Scrooge’s nephew like Fan, his mother? a. Both lived to a ripe old age. c. Both were abused by Scrooge. b. Both were interested in Scrooge’s money. d. Both were kind and loving to Scrooge. 6. Throughout the story the Cratchits represent a. families who live well in spite of hardships. c. people with little hope or confidence.

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