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By M. Spiering

Why are the British so Euro-sceptic? ignore tedious treaties, social gathering politics or diplomacy. the genuine cause is that the British don't feel eu. This publication explores and explains the cultural divide among Britain and Europe, the place it comes from and the way it manifests itself in way of life and the educational international.

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There is Britain and there is Europe; the question is whether the one should enter the other. The reactions turned out to be overwhelming. Eventually scores of pages in four subsequent issues were needed to print the European thoughts of the intelligentsia. Of course the reactions were coloured by the times. The EEC is not the EU, the Commonwealth was still in the public mind, the Second World War was a recent event, and everything somehow formed part of the polemics of the Cold War – a nuclear war seemed by no means inconceivable.

About island people Montesquieu writes: Island peoples are more inclined to liberty than continental peoples. Islands are usually small; one part of the people cannot as easily be employed to oppress the other; the sea separates them from great empires, and tyranny cannot reach them; conquerors are checked by the sea; islanders are not overrun by conquest, and they preserve their laws more easily. (Montesquieu 1989, 288) Remarkably, the notion that island people are somehow ‘more inclined to liberty’ lives on in modern studies of international relations.

Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015. 0005. 0005 The Island Story  If Britain is different from Europe, and if the British are unlike the Europeans, the first question that arises is why this should be. As to the cause of the British extra-European identity several possibilities vie for the honour. Perhaps it is their language that sets the British apart? A received opinion is that the English language is different in the sense that it is a ‘creole’, an amalgam of other languages, notably Anglo-Saxon and Old French.

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