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By Vladimir Barsky

This publication contains 11 chapters dedicated to varied diversifications of the all-purpose defence for Black 1.d4 d6. every one bankruptcy includes a "Quick Repertoire" part, via a radical theoretical and useful learn within the part "Step through Step" and at last a "Complete video games" section.To have the ability to contain the program on your establishing repertoire, it's going to be adequate so you might learn the advent and play throughout the whole video games, which aren't take an excessive amount of of it slow. then you definitely can commence taking part in this starting in perform video games at your membership, or at the internet.After you've got used this "Universal method" in 10-15 video games, you need to evaluate your studies with the author's thoughts within the "Step through Step"chapters and begin to fine-tune your knowledge.International grasp Vladimir Barsky is a chess journalist and trainer. He has been supporting GM Morozevich and GM Khairullin. Barsky is the writer of numerous books approximately chess and chess gamers, together with The Scotch video game for White and the trendy Philidor.

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W1c6!? 0-0-0± and White can meet 20 ... lt:'Jxd5+-. dS! g5 52 Solutions ( Ex. 4- 1 1 Ex. 9e2 ixc2 Diagram Ex. 0-0-0!? lUc3! if4 �d4?! Diagram Ex. a5! ltJb5!! (2 points) A necessary intermediate move. lUxe3. �xc4? ixb7t! 21. ia4 �c4! 25J�xc2 '1Wxe2 26J3xc8t? (another 1 point) Black now resigned. �c6#. %g2! %b4 (28 . %b4? %a2::t. 26... ltJxe2 ie7+ Scoring Maximum number of points is 26 ,.. Excellent 22 points and above ······················· 17 poin ts and above ,.. Good ····································· ,..

LLlxc4 followed by lLld6t+-. b4+Black obtains no compensation for the pawn he has lost and wenr on to lose rhe game after a rather hopeless struggle. Ex. a5! • Whire threatens both gxd7 and �xh5. lLlg2 �h7 Diagram Ex. 4-4 Ex. a7! b41 (2 points) White sets his opponent some unpleasanr problems. liJd6!? ; (3 poinrs) Black must rake the pawn, but then his queen is forced to retreat to g8. White obtains a lead in development, which represents more than enough compensation for rhe pawn sacrifice. If you don't take any risks, you don't get to drink rhe champagne!

It was better to retreat with 1 6 ... ic3± White would soon move his rook via h3 to g3 and obtain excellent attacking chances. lt:lxe6! �cl± The knight is now pinned. �xc2 0-0 Black does not have sufficient compensation to show for the piece. �h3 �xc2 43 � "' .. Opening 1 ... c. < After 2 l . �e2±) when the black pawns in the centre are blockaded and can be attacked. �c3! ±. c3! White coordinates his forces. c7 is also good. Wa6 Or 24 ... c2+-. g6. The black position collapses. a3 White wants to play b4, because then he could also play on the queenside and extend his advantage in space.

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