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By Lev Psakhis

The French protection continues to be essentially the most renowned suggestions to exploit opposed to White King's pawn starting; top rate grandmasters corresponding to Korchnoi, Morozevich, Bareev, and brief proceed to perform it with luck. Grandmaster Lev Psakhis, a former Soviet champion who has written broadly in this gambit, now exhibits the way to counter it. within the moment quantity of his three-part sequence at the French security, he covers the competitive 1 e4 e6 2 d4 d5 three e5 tactic, in addition to a few different "Anti-French" traces, together with the King's Indian assault and alternate adaptations. A wealth of illustrated video games in addition to updated conception additionally supply worthy guide that may aid chess gamers grasp those successful strategies.

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Knight v knight endings are still slightly better for White, but far less promising than the position arising in the game. 35 A xh 1 36 bxc5 A d5? With very little time left to reach move 40 Black blunders. He should have tried 36 'll e7 (not 36 . f6 37 gxf6 <1Jf7 38 �d7 and j}_c6 is impossible, while even if Black's king were on d8 as in the note to Black's 33rd, 36 'll c7 37 \11 b4 \11 c 6 38 lfjc4 followed by \11 d4 and �c4-e5 wins) 37 f1b4 e5! (37 . . d5 40 a3! j}_xc4 (there is not much choice as 40 j}_ moves allows fi a5 and 40 fie7 4 1 2E:J e3 and 42 fia5 wins) 41 *xc4 fixe5 42 'ltJ b4!

Xh4 1 4 gxf7 + \fi' xfi 1 5 "Wtf4 + is good for White, or 14 . . * f8 1 5 "Wtxd6 + jj_ e7 1 6 t�t xd7 <2:Jf2 1 7 "Wtxb7

Classical Variation White should win) 1 3 jj_g3 jle7 1 4 jle2 � ge5 and now: ( l c l l ) 15 'fl'bl b5 ( 1 5 f6 1 6 h4! gxh4 1 7 � xh4 �a5 1 8 � f5! M h8 + jlf8 2 1 jlxe5! � xe5 22 �xd6 is good for White, Mokry-Banas, Trnava 1 986) 1 6 a3 M b8 1 7 �a2 a5 1 8 � c l � xf3 1 9 gxf3 e5? (19 . �e5! il.. f2 jj_e6 2 1 jj_ e3 with an edge for White, Riemersma-A . Rodriguez, Dieren 1 987. M d8 20 h3 jlc8 2 1 l! fe2 jj_d8, Vogt-Wirius, Zalakaros 1 987, and now 25 \fJ b l gives White an edge. ( l c2) 12 � xc6 (this seems the better choice) jlxc6 1 3 jj_e2 � e5 1 4 g3 �g6 1 5 \fi b !

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