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By Abraham Warshawsky, Abraham Deshe, Guy Rossey, Abraham Patchornik

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I). The next line of any significance is out at 2135 A. 72 per cent conversion) about 70 per cent of the maximum with the water filter. (See Table 3) TABLE 3. ORGANIC SYNTHESIS WITH FI LTERED, LOW PRESSURE MERCURY UV. 8% H20 vapor, and 97% 12C02 were irradiated for 17 hours. Table 3 shows another source of energy longer than 2100 A. giving a result. , but some others too. We still detect organic formation at energies between 2100 A. and 3000 A.. MILLER: Let us for a moment consider the primitive earth rather than Mars.

When the UV light is on these cells are being destroyed and their contents spewed out. When the UV light goes off, the cells are not being photolyzed; they retain their contents inside their cell walls, and therefore no increase in the amount of organics is observed. What's wrong with that? ORGEL: But do cells break when you shine UV light on them? MILLER: They are killed, but does the membrane rupture? SAGAN: All bonds are broken at 1800 A. ORGEL: It's not clear to me that when cells are killed everything escapes.

HUBBARD: I'll get out of turn here. The tube can be placed vertically with the Vycor in the bottom, and shielded from the direct UV coming from the front. With the unfiltered xenon lamp there is an appreciable yield of organics formed on the shielded Vycor. SAGAN: So, then, the absorber is not the Vycor. HUBBARD: With the Vycor substratum shielded from the direct UV there is a little better yield than that which receives the direct irradiation. BARGHOORN: Why do you go from soil to Vycor, instead of to montmorillonite, or some other naturally occurring HUBBARD: We have just started some experiments with a variety of substances, but this was a nice, clean system which worked.

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